IRL Art & History

My dad is history. He was born and bred on land that once was a slave plantation.



Sometimes he missed school because he helped his family pick the cotton and other crops that still grew on the family land.

Just like his oldest brother, my dad served in the U.S. Army. He was drafted during the Vietnam War. After I was born, he also actively served in Saudi Arabia.


A fun image of me wearing an outfit my dad sent me from Saudi Arabia.

During a college course reading of Race Matters by Cornel West, Anita Hill came up; I called my dad and asked, “Who is Anita Hill?” As a college student, his quick sound bytes coupled with lived experiences were easier for me to digest.

Later, as both an educator and creator, I have been drawn to opportunities to incorporate my dad as both art and history. Check out some examples below. 

#1 A visual literacy exercise


Circa 2013-2014

#2 My first business card for DREAMLEIGH LLC



#3 Editor’s Pick for Behance’s #MakeitonMobileContest

The challenge was to combine a public domain NASA photo with another photo (one you own or another public domain photo).



#4 I experimented with Audiogram and interviewed my dad (some sensitive language). Check it out on my new Tumblr page.


#5 Finally, I incorporated a new image for a t-shirt design.



Do you include your family in your dream work?




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