My Services and Me

If I knew I could not fail, I would be five women: One of me would be a writer for twenty-four hours of the day. Another me would be a wife. Another me would be a civil rights lawyer. Another me would be a mother to at least two kids. The one of me left would dream and keep the other women from forgetting what it means to be open to dreams.” Leigh

Welcome to the online portfolio for DREAMLEIGH LLC.

    My DREAMLEIGH LLC services focus on developing and designing custom curriculum for each individual or organization. In order to provide custom curriculum design services, I work with each individual/organization:

  • to identify learning objectives
  • to determine theme(s)
  • to select and create content
  • to align curriculum with applicable educational standards

Final work product options include (not an exhaustive list):

  • curriculum
  • syllabus
  • coursebook / textbook
  • worksheets
  • a reading list
  • lesson activities

     I started DREAMLEIGH LLC after teaching adults seeking high school credentials. Before teaching adults, I trained teens to tutor elementary students to strengthen their literacy skills. In the past, I have also taught and equipped teens with practical knowledge of the law and worked with youth in a variety of educational and enrichment settings.

     While teaching, I have developed and implemented curricula that focused on civics, social studies, and reading, writing, and grammar skills. I am also an attorney, barred in the state of Georgia, with experience providing legal services to diverse and often low-income populations. Thus, as a curriculum developer, I have an expertise in designing curricula to help build literacy skills while also empowering students by incorporating social justice content. Yet, I am always expanding my skills, knowledge base, and my team; thus, I look forward to learning about what you are dreaming of creating.

     This online portfolio contains just a few samples of what I have designed, developed, and or implemented. If you want to learn more about me, check out my LinkedIn profile. Please contact me and tell me about your dream course or to view targeted samples and references.


Chief Executive Dreamer, DREAMLEIGH LLC

Leigh Bond